Oldies but Goodies

Tab, Chris and I in Washington DC
me and tab
me and tab
Washington DC 104
tab and chris
mr lincoln...tab chris john and me

My Chicago Trip with All my HA Buddies. I miss all these awesome people.

My New York Trip with Kat. We were crazy fools and we had lots of fun.
time square
on our way to Broadway...a must have snap shot in Time Square
me and kat
in the Hershey Store...chillin with our main man Reese
me and kat
on the Big Red Tour Bus...exploring the big city
me and kat
in front of the Statue of Liberty


Tabitha Blue said...

LOL, too funny!! That was fun... although it was SO COLD there. Ugh. I still have and love that red scarf. Haha. Thanks for sharing the pics. I probably have some somewhere.

Tabitha Blue said...

Where's the one with your striped shirt and track pants??!! LOL