a sign
There is just something about a good drive. It has the potential to clear your mind, it can give you direction, it can bring release, it holds new adventures and new faces and places to encounter. A good drive can be a new beginning.
I myself have a love for driving, whether the trip be short or long, my car is my secret place. Where I can sing and pray as loud as I want, where I can scream or cry when I am upset or angry; my car lets me get away and be free even if it is just for a moment. A good drive helps me gain perspective and let my emotions out and then settle and compose myself. I get to explore new places or find my way to the familiar. I love a good drive.


Melissa said...

I so,so hear you on this!
I am the same way...Great pic's by the way!

Fresh Mommy said...

There is nothing like being out on the open road to get it "all out." :)

Paz said...

I couldn't agree with you more :)

As always, great pictures!

Mc Allen said...

Oh maaaaaan, thats what I need is a good drive. what an awesome post. Im gonna do that this weekend! wish I had a convertable!! :) Thank you. xxoo LA

Gerri said...

Love these shots. So car tends to turn into my own stage where I can have concerts! :)