Don't Give Up

(This is an old photo of one of my good friends. She was always willing to let me play during all of our shoots. I remember this shoot was centered around loss, around pain. Sticking her in this tub and telling her to think of something that made her feel broken was all I had to do, she nailed it.)
Whenever I look at this shot it takes me back, to when I was in that place of being overcome with loneliness, that place of being so vulnerable that I didn't want to open my eyes and face it alone. I am thankful that I've only experienced this rush of emotions a few times in my life and when I was in the midst of its torment I had the love of God always reminding me that I didn't have to stay there. That I could be protected from the whip-lash of life, I just had to stop trying to go it alone. Not a lesson you want to learn more than once, but being human it took me a few times to learn how to lean on someone other than myself. Once I did, the change was almost instantaneous. Instead of being ravaged by the fear and pain and loneliness, peace and love and strength began to rush over and through me and I knew beyond knowing that I was not alone, that tomorrow held something better than I could imagine in that moment and that I could overcome anything. It is a beautiful thing, fully relying and trusting the love of God.

Psalm 23, Psalm 119: 33-50

Happy Friday All!

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septembermom said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for this reminder that we can do anything with God's help.