Our Mission: Searching for Yogurt

A few weeks ago my friend Rachel and I set out on a mission, we were determined to locate the above (an awesome Yogurt place.) We searched for local Pinkberrys, Yagoots and Swirlberrys and there were none even remotely close to where we were. So we settled on something not completely satisfying that day and made a plan to hit Swirlberry in Lansing on our next weekend excursion.
Well, it's been a few weeks and I still have not had my yogurt fix. Today I am left staring at these pics from my Cincinnati trip anticipating my next yummy yogurt encounter. I hope it comes soon.
What's your favorite frozen dessert place?


Gerri said...

Maybe Uncle Rays...not the place but the treats, oh and French Laundry. I like the place.

This place you found was adorable!

brenda eden said...

Two years ago when I was in San Diego I came across a yogurt place in Little Italy and i actually just looked at google maps to see if i could find it and remember its name but i couldn't find it. so maybe it's no longer there? sad if that is the case. i've never had frozen yogurt that came even close since to being as good as it was. it was amazing. there's a yogurt place opening up near me called Cherry on Top. I can't wait to try it!

brenda eden said...

ok so i remembered its name: the Red Mango. and so i googled that and apparently there is one in Scottsdale, which is like a 35 mile drive from where i am but i am so excited, i am going to have to go up there sooner or later. thanks Briony! i would not have realized without trying to answer your question :)