night lights
night lights
night lights

When I was younger I was one of the many kids out there that asked for a night-light daily, the darkness made me nervous. I didn't like when I couldn't see what was around me, my imagination would go wild. Fear would grip my little heart and my mind would get lost in millions of scenarios, "this could happen" or "they could break in" or "what if there's a fire." Thankfully I overcame the fears as I got more secure in my faith and found comfort in the Lord.
Now, I find beauty in the night and how the light dances in the darkness.

Have a happy weekend! I'm going camping...should have some fun pics to share next week :)


septembermom said...

Terrific post and amazing images. Enjoy your weekend!

Gerri said...

Very cool. I like to squint my eyes and look at the night lights...