It's All Good: Good Music & Good Reads

When I discover something good I can't wait to share it with someone. Whether it's a new restaurant, a new movie, new music, or a new book. If I am loving it I am usually bursting at the seams to have someone else love it with me. Hahah
So on that note, Tuesday night I went to Come on Speak Up - Jesse Morrow's CD release concert. I recently heard one of Jesse's songs and I was an instant fan. I love finding new music, it just makes me happy. I don't know why but when I discover it I automatically try to figure out where it fits into my life's sound track. (Yes I know that is weird) Tuesdays concert was my ideal set-up, simple and intimate. There were quite a few talented performers, Nicholas Pidek and Mike Mains & The Branches were two that I had heard before and really enjoy.
Below are a few of my favorite shots from Jesse's set.
Jesse Morrow
Jesse Morrow
Jesse Morrow
Jesse Morrow
Jesse Morrow
Jesse Morrow

Be sure to check him out, Jesse Morrow:
You can also purchase his cd on iTunes. So convenient, right?!

Another new discovery for me this week was the series by Suzanne Collins called "The Hunger Games." Jasmine Star recently posted about this series and I was instantly intrigued. I picked up the entire trilogy yesterday on my lunch break and settled in around 10:30pm to start reading the first book last night. Within the first few pages I knew I was hooked, which is a very dangerous thing for me. I get so lost in a good book that I can't stop reading until I've completed it. And that is exactly what happened last night. I was even tempted to start the second book around 3:30am but I knew I wouldn't be able to function, so I did the responsible thing and went to bed. (I know going to bed around 11pm would have been more responsible but I am who I am.) I am super excited to dive into "Catching Fire" tonight. I can't wait to see what awaits Katniss. If you are in the mood for an easy, entertaining, suspenseful read...this is sure a trilogy you will want to check out. They are a bit violent but those scenes are not too graphic, they leave most of it to your imagination. If any of you start to read or have read them, let me know...I'd love to talk about them with someone.

The Hunger Games

Hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year! See you in 2011 :)


Marka said...

Looks like it was a great release party! Here's to a great 2011!

Fresh Mommy said...

Great pics!! And haha, it's so funny that she mentioned it... and that you did too. I'd been hearing tons about this series for the past couple of months and have been wanting to dive in... so I guess I need to get started eh?!

Gerri said...

Love these shots Lady. ;) See you soon. ;)