Blue Valentine made me Blue

Birmingham 8
Tonight was good. Started off with a nice meal, then a great cup of coffee and finally hit the theater for a flick I've been wanting to see for awhile, Blue Valentine. I think Ryan Gosling is extremely talented and I heard the film got great reviews, so I was itching to discover this heartbreaking story for myself. The movie was exactly as I expected, it was raw emotion and broken spirits. It left you treading water in a pool of deep melancholy, clinging to the chance of survival, wishing there was more to the story. Wishing that with just a bit of effort their failing self destructive marriage could be saved. That hope could be found in their once upon a time love, that they could find their way back to their adolescent vision of what was good in each other. This isn't the kind of film you watch for enjoyment, honestly I saw it more as a the midst of the great mass of love stories that flood our theaters, all those happily ever afters, this film exposes the other side of the coin. That deep human fear of falling for someone and it not lasting, of you losing yourself in a person and not being able to find your way back, of you breaking them and knowing they will never recover, of having the fairy tale turn into a nightmare. I can't say I recommend this film because it is the kind of film that breaks your heart, but I can see why it has captured the attention of critics. So watch at your own risk.

Hope you all have great Saturday!

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Gerri said...

Love the shot! Not sure if I need anything "blue" right now...:)