Day 3
I shot these on my way into work. I couldn't decide which one I liked best. I like the composition of the first image, the strong lines and the contrast between sky and bridge but I also like how the other one feels like you are moving through it. It is a little more out of focus than the first but I like the soft haze. I feel like they both suited the gray that was coating Michigan this morning. I am ready for sunny mornings, I am ready for golden and pink hues...enough of this gray. Haha Happy Friday All!


Crystal Rae said...

i like both too.:)

Paz said...

I always have problems deciding which of my pictures I like best. Sometimes subtle differences make such a difference in the feel of a picture. Both are great of course, but I like the 2nd a little better. It's one of those pictures that makes you feel like you're IN the scene.

Gerri said...

I'm partial to the first one. ;)