Photo Meditations Recap: Lines & Shape and Form

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Shape & Form
One of the things my e-course is going to be covering is the six basic design elements that we should consider when we are composing our images. The first lesson focused on two of the six elements, lines and shape and form. There are lines everywhere, the more you look for them the more you see. There are ways to use lines in your images that will enhance your vision and stir up a response in your viewer. Shape and Form determine how we see an object. Depending on how something is shot and the type of lighting you have available, things can be seen as flat or three dimensional.  Light is our best friend when it comes to utilizing these elements.

I'll be reading day two's lesson tonight, it looks like its about playing by the rules and knowing when to break them. I'll share some images and a recap tomorrow.



Gerri said...

Brilliant!! You were already gifted...Susannah's is just adding some icing to your sweet cake! Love ya. ;)

Fresh Mommy said...

I love these!! I agree with Gerri, you are already so gifted... and I can't wait to see what this extra push gives you and adds to your arsenal. And um... you need to teach me! Maybe I should take one of these courses ;)