Summertime: Bucket List


It's summertime, and I've started a summer bucket list. Being that I live in the sunshine state, summer seems to be year round which can make you put things off. I am tired of putting things off. These are things that I've wanted to do and haven't made the time for, so now I've given myself three months to make them happen. If you know me, you know I've never been a beach person. That being said, living in Florida has made it hard to stay that way. This summer I am determined to change my own opinion and embrace the beach. Maybe even fall in love with it. I am not rushing the process. Our courtship has just begun. Yesterday afternoon we went to the beach to soak up a little sun and splash around in the salty warm gulf. Tropical storm Debby, caused some sea life to wash on shore so we were able to see a few new things as well. A great day and one step towards a nice big checkmark on my bucket list.



Gerri said...

Beautiful shot! Good for you setting goals. Enjoy!

Fresh Mommy said...

Love our summer bucket lists... now I just really have to get on it and do some more of mine. I feel my energy returning, so once I'm back from MI I'll be doing it for real!

Ha :)