Day Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven & Twelve: Fit Body Boot Camp Recap


Ok, so I've slacked a bit.... it's been over a week since I last posted. I had the best of intentions but I am still working on it.

The last five days of boot camp have been just as hard if not harder than the first seven. I honestly thought it was going to get easier each week but I was wrong. It isn't that I haven't noticed change, I am definitely stronger than I was when I started and my endurance has increased. I can do a lot more of the exercises back to back (without breaks) than I could before. That being said, it is an hour of keeping your heart rate up... to the point where even if I was 100lbs smaller I'd still be sweating. In that sense everyone that takes the class is on the same page. When I look around there isn't one person in the class that isn't sweating or breathing hard. And I have to admit, I really like that about these classes. One, they don't make you feel like you stick out if you are showing outward signs of your actions and Two, they push you no matter where you are health wise.

There are definitely still some bad habits that I am working on breaking, I know that once I get them in control I will start seeing even more results. I really need to start going to bed at a decent hour, I want to start cutting out more sugar from my diet and I need to get back to drinking more water. I was doing good with the water thing awhile ago, but I've slacked off and need to get back on the wagon. These of course are just a few from the massive list I am working on but I will save some of the others for a later post.

Hope you all have a great weekend... try to get out and be active. Take a walk with your family or a bike ride, little steps in the right direction make a huge difference.

Just Keep Moving!

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Moving Forward said...

Check out The Gracious Pantry. She has a ton of clean recipes, including ones without sugar!