Day One: Fit Body Boot Camp

photo 2
Today was my first day at Fit Body Boot Camp... and let me just say AHHHH! 10 minutes in we were heading outside to run, you heard me... RUN. This in itself made me giggle nervously,  then one of the people in my class came up to me and said your face is really red, it is ok to take breaks if you need to. I thanked them for their concern and then told them the insane redness was a norm for me. For as long as I can remember I've always turned into a tomato the instant I start anything active. I was approached by two more people during class about how red I was... I just had to laugh. I try not to focus on what I look like doing all the moves because if I did I would never go back, I know it isn't flattering.  It was definitely an hour of intense full body exercise. Every inch of me, every limb was like jello by the end. Needless to say, I was exhausted but at the same time I was excited because I know if I keep this up I WILL see results.  Tomorrow is back, shoulders and abs... after todays class I know it's going to rock me, but in a good way. haha

I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

I do remember how red your face got during the aerobics/kick boxing classes at Baker!

Just make sure you drink plenty of water!! Keep up the good work.

Love you,


Gerri said...

Go Sis Go!!! You are so awesome and inspiring. xxO