Day Seven: Fit Body Boot Camp Recap

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Lets start today off with a little confession, I have very little upper body strength. Pretty much none. These classes are making me realize that more and more. With that said I am improving... SLOWLY... but improving none the less. Last week I started out with no weights to 5lb weights depending on what I could handle and this week I am at 5lb and 8lb weights. I never thought I'd be happy to say my arms feel like jelly but in this situation I know its good because I am pushing my muscles into action.

Today's class was another fun one... we did the list I shared from Monday's class again. Apparently someone requested it. Shockingly, no one stepped forward and claimed that request. I'm assuming it's because they heard our very vocal reactions. Which were something like... "SAY WHAT?!? really?? oh man. LIKE FOR REAL?!? Ahhh! That list is evil."  Haha Or something along those lines. I was absolutely exhausted after Monday's class, it felt like there wasn't one portion of my body that didn't feel that workout in some way. I can tell you that after today's class... the results are exactly the same. I'll let ya know if I can move tomorrow :)

As always... JUST KEEP MOVING!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are starting to get it. Just keep it up you can do it!

Love Dad