Lately... in iPhone Photos


Most of these photos were originally posted on Instagram. If you want to connect, my name is BrionySkerjance and I'd love to "meet" you! 

I didn't do to well on taking pictures this week. I took a few on my drive back to Florida. I always hate leaving the mountains so I snap as many pics as I can when I leave. The top one was right when I left, the fog was still moving over the mountains in the distance. It was beautiful. It seems that every time I drive from Michigan to Florida or from Florida to Michigan I always hit some major patches of rain, sometimes I don't mind it but this trip it was stop and go for a couple hours and I really wanted to have my windows open so I wasn't thrilled. I always snap a pic in Atlanta because I feel like I have to capture the city that usually causes me grief. This trip it was amazing, I got through the city in under 20minutes, a personal record. Since I've been home I've not been up to that much thats caused me to want to pull out my camera. But we did find a new french bakery in our mall that I will definitely be visiting in the future. That was my week in a nutshell. How was yours?

My friend Tabitha started this fun way of recapping our week, make sure you go check her out.