my baby bro is married!!

Here is a lil' sneak peek of Kendall and Garrett's gorgeous wedding day. I not only had the privilege of being in the wedding but I also had the honor of capturing the beauty and love that filled their special day. I am so proud of my little brother and the amazing man and husband he has grown up to be and I am so thankful and blessed that he found such a genuine and sincere woman who will only make him better. I love them both so much and I am so happy and excited to see all the amazing adventures they are going to have with one another. Hopefully the first being, making me an auntie ;)


Big thanks to my amazing photography partner, Tabitha. You rocked it girl, you represented Relish Studios well! Lots more pictures to come... love you guys lots and lots! xoxo


Gerri said...

So happy for them both!!!

Gerri said...
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Crystal Rae said...

WHat a gorgeous wedding!!!!! So happy for them both!

Adrienne said...

Beautiful!! Looks and sounds like you had a wonderfully joy-filled time!