My Birthday Wishlist, for the Big 3-0

I can't believe I am typing this, but I am just twenty short days away from turning the big 3-0! Ahh! I can barely believe it. My good friend Tabitha created a birthday wish list for her big day and I thought it was such a great idea. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time thinking of stuff I'd like when asked on the spot. Doing a post like this is a nice way to collect all the little things that have caught your eye and a great way for those who want to bless you with a gift to find out what kinds of items you like without having to ask you flat out. So without further ado here is my round up...


    1// Starbucks Gift Card 
I can't lie, Starbucks visits are a regular thing in my life so a Gift Card is always a win. 
I love a good book... these are a few I've had on my Amazon wish list for awhile now. 
I love all of Essie's Nail Polishes, they have great color pigmentation and awesome coverage. 
I love my Instax Mini and I can never have enough film for it. 
I am a big fan of the Pink Body Mists, the scents aren't too overpowering but last throughout the day. 
I love my Lifeproof case and I've been eyeing the Bike Mount for awhile now. 
I have been looking for a new computer bag for a few months and I finally found the one I want. I love it! 
I am totally a Marshmallow and I'd love to have the series at my fingertips. 
Asos is one of my favorite shops, I have a wish list a mile long on items I'd love to add to my closet. 
I am a major music junkie, there's always a new tune I'd love to add to my music library. 
This is a video camera that comes with a waterproof case. Definitely a pricier item but one I wouldn't mind owning. 
This stuff definitely makes you smell like the beach and it is an amazing body buffer. My skin feels amazing after I use it. 
13// Lush Face Masks in Brazened Honey and BB Seaweed 
Both of these masks are amazing for your skin, I've used them many times and I can't wait to use them again. 
I love the white version of this, the darker trim is so nice and the texture is a fun dimensional detail.

Of course this list is personalized to me but if you have any ladies in your life that have a bday coming up some of these items would definitely be a good gift option for them. I know this post was all about a list of specific items, but I truly believe with my whole heart that when it comes to buying gifts for the ones you love it is all about the thought and time you put into it and less about the actual present. If you were to make a bday wish list what items would be on yours?


Crystal Rae said...

love the wishlist. :)

Sue Skerjance said...

Great idea!