oh my... a girly gift idea

I love to buy presents for my friends and loved ones. I honestly get a little thrill out of thinking about what they'd like to receive and really try to put a good amount of thought into it. I recently went to a bachelorette party for, my now sister, Kendall. Because I was going into this as the older sis and because I'm probably more naive and immature in the whole realm of sexy bachelorette party gifts, I decided to go the bath and beauty route and found lots of little goodies that would make Kendall feel loved and pampered.


1// Que Bella Face Masks   2// Bella by Illume Candle in Vanilla Amber   3// Boots Mango Body Wash   4// Boots Mango Sugar Scrub   5//Boots Mango Body Butter  
 6// Revlon Nail Art in Jackson Polish and Silhouette   7// Trim 7-Way Nail Buffer   8// Nate Berkus Penta Bowl

Target is one of my favorite stores, no joke if I could go there everyday I probably would. But that would do major damage on my budget so I abstain. 

The first step for this gift was to find a basket to hold all of the goodies. Kendall and Garrett's living room colors are purple, black and creme... I didn't want to get a plain basket, but one that would be a fun accent to their room. I saw this Nate Berkus bowl and I instantly loved how much of a statement piece it was. After deciding on the basket, I hit the candle aisle because whenever I have a pamper session the first thing I do is light some candles. I feel like it creates a space where you can relax, plus it smells yummy. Win-win. Next, I hit up the beauty aisle. I found 3 masks that I've used before and love. These particular masks are a bargain and they have always left my skin feeling refreshed and moisturized. With the face taken care of, I moved on to some bath and body products. Boots is a european brand and I've heard many youtube vloggers talk about the Mango line, so I thought it'd be a nice addition to the basket. The scent is fruity and summery. Last but not least, nails. I found two of Revlon's Nail Arts in shades that I thought were great basics for any season, and of course a nail buffer to perfect her manicure. 

This was a fun gift to put together and she seemed to really like it. Which is a WIN in my book :)

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Sue Skerjance said...

This was a great idea! I love the colors in the basket...very cute!!