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It's officially autumn and that means it's time to transition our nails from summery brights and pastels to the rich, deep shades of fall. These five shades are the ones I am currently loving. As you can tell, I tend to stick with the grayish purples and deep burgundies. I am wanting to branch out and try some darker blue shades as well, I just haven't bought any yet. When I do, I will do a post on my favorites.

fall colors

1// Essie Smokin' Hot   2// Essie Merino Cool   3//Essie Carry On   4// Essie Stylenomics   5// Essie Angora Cardi

I've recently done a major purge of my beauty items because we are moving next month and I was needing to downsize. I'm sharing this fun fact because the only brand represented here is Essie. I got quite a few of these polishes for my birthday, so they are all current fall colors. While I love Essie polishes, and I tend to favor them,  I do like other brands as well.

What nail colors are you planning on rocking this autumn?

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Adrienne said...

I treated myself to an essie color the other day - Sole Mate. Deep purple/burgundy...just love it!