Happy Halloween

Do you like my pumpkin shirt? We are allowed to wear Halloween T-shirts and Jeans today in training... I totally jumped on board with that :) I love a jean day!! Last night I created a piece of my costume for tonight. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to pull off creating the makeup look correctly, but we shall see. I'll be sure to post a pic on instagram, I'd love to see your costumes too... sooo if you post a pic hashtag it with #ohmeohmy_halloween 


What are you dressing up as today?

UPDATE  -------------------------------------------------------


So here is what I ended up looking like... I got home pretty late so I had to do a rush job. But I don't think it came out that bad, I was pretty happy with it :)


Sue Skerjance said...
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Sue Skerjance said...

Cute! Love that you get a jean training day. Can't wait to see your look for tonight.

Love you!

Crystal Rae said...

Love jean day at work!!! It's the best! Also, love the choice of costume... you did a great job with it. I was Thing 1... Unfortunately i wasn't able to have Thing 2 (Brittney) tag along with me wherever I went lol.