Ikea Adventure with Carrie

Moving into a new space has given me a chance to reevaluate my current space and redesign and simplify it for the future. Monday night I met up with my dear friend Autumn, she is a budget guru and is sweetly helping me work on revamping mine. (Thanks Autumn!) After about 45minutes of going over the numbers she and I came up with a budget of $300 that I could spend on getting items for my new room and bathroom.

One of the ways I planned on keeping to the set budget was to go online ahead of time and look through their site for the items that I knew I wanted/needed. I made a list so once I got there I wouldn't just start throwing random objects in my big yellow bag that I didn't really need, which lets be honest is really easy to do in a store like Ikea. So, I sat down with my list and searched their website. I found a few different options for each item that would fit in the budget. 

Tuesday morning rolled around. We had our Women's Group and then my friend Carrie came over and we set out for our Ikea adventure in Tampa. Our first stop was a cafe called "The Bricks" for lunch. It is downtown in Ybor City. It had a cool vibe to it and the food was yummy. 

the bricks

Once our tummies were fueled up for our shopping session, we drove over to Ikea. Not being the best at directions, Carrie had to man the map and get us out of some not so lovely looking areas a few times on the way. But what's an adventure without a few wrong turns, right?

I want to be honest about something, I love Ikea. Heck, almost everything in my room is from Ikea. That being said, when I see that big huge blue and yellow building I always get a little overwhelmed. I mean there is just so much stuff to look at and well, I am not the best at shopping. I am more of an in and out type of shopper. I know what I want, I get it, I leave... but when it comes to Ikea it's different. I can't help but walk a bit slower, stop a bit more. I'm sure its a mixture of loving interior design and also loving how most of it is pretty affordable. Either way, I don't think I've ever had an in and out trip to Ikea. 


Tuesday was a great example of this, Carrie and I had a list of things that we both knew we either wanted to look at or purchase and yet we wandered around the store for close to 3hrs. I'm not complaining, I'm just explaining why my initial gut feeling when laying eyes on the store, is justified.

Which brings me to another tip for sticking to your budget, accountability. Bring a friend along that is going to be honest with their opinion and keep you on the right track. I luckily had one friend with me (Carrie,) another friend texting me (Tabitha) and lastly my budget guru's (Autumn) wise words constantly coming to mind. More than once throughout the day I looked at Carrie and said something along the lines of "Autumn would ask me if this is a need or want item." Aside from the fact that we probably spent far too long wandering the aisles, we had a successful trip. Carrie found quite a few items that she put on her wish list and I found almost every item I was looking for, and managed to stay pretty darn close to my budget. 

Check back tomorrow to see all the items I purchased... and maybe get a little peek at how my new room is coming along!!


Adrienne said...

So fun - and good for you! Budgeting is tricky business...sticking to it is just down right hard! Ikea totally overwhelms me! It's worth it - but it's exhausting and, well...huge!

OrangeHeroMama said...

That restaurant looks FAB, and oh how I LOVE a good ol' trip to IKEA! <3