My 11 Must-Have Items for Fall

We all have certain things that we love about each season. Whether it be the longer days in the summer, the signs of new life in the spring, the blanket of white after the first winter's snow or the changing of the leaves in the fall... there's always something beautiful to look forward to.

With each season comes another kind of list of things I look forward to. You know what I am talking about, all those items you've had stored away for the last 6 months. Those go-to items that bring you comfort when the weather starts to cool down. These are a few of mine this year...


1// A warm and cuddly sweater    
2// A yummy pumpkin or spice scented candle  
3// A deep reddish burgundy matte lipstick   
4// A fun go-to coffee mug 
5// A nice pair of tall boots   
6// A pair of casual booties  
7// A fuzzy luxurious blanket or throw   
8// A good Chap Stick
9// A fun over-sized scarf   
10// Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mix
11// A dark navy blue Nail Polish   

This is more a general list of all the things I get excited about when it comes to welcoming the changing of the seasons from summer to autumn. I'm not particular about the brands I featured but rather what each item represents.

What are some of your go-to essentials that help you embrace the cooler weather?

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