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As I shared last week, Tabitha and I recently spent 5 days living out of a hotel in Jacksonville. Tabitha is a pro at traveling and packing. She spends half the year bouncing around the country and I'm pretty sure she has a super power when it comes to thinking ahead. It's like she knows the future, haha, but seriously. I know ultimately it's the planner and list-maker in her, that is her real super power. That and the years of packing experience. That being said, I am no stranger to travel... but I am the farthest thing from a pro packer. I lack the plan ahead gene, or rather I haven't mastered it. Instead, I pack the basics and then I pack double to cover all the "just in case" scenarios. I don't know where these scenario's come from, but for some reason when I'm packing for a new place... all of a sudden the possibility of different adventures start running though my mind. With each adventure, I think "oh I need those shoes," when in reality I always wear the same pair of shoes and yet this trip I packed 3 pairs. Or, "I really should bring that jacket." We live in Florida, the coolest weather we had this month at that point was in the low 70's. That's my ideal weather, not my coat weather, and yet I packed the coat AND a sweater. The insanity goes on and on.

I thought it would be fun to share what Tabitha and I brought with us, so without further ado...

travel_toiletry bag

It looks like we both packed a lot, but as you can see the biggest difference is that I brought a lot of full sized items. Not because I needed that much product but because I never thought to utilize travel sized bottles. This would really hurt you if you were flying, it would effect the weight of your bag which could cost you some moola. Also, you will see that she brought her makeup brushes and eye drops... two things I forgot but definitely could have used. (I actually used Tabitha's Eye Drops every day... she's so generous she shared with me.) I'm pretty sure a packing check list would have helped me with those items.

A few of my favorite products that I definitely suggest you try...

From My Bag// Soap & Glory Pulp Friction Body Scrub and 
Butter Yourself Body Cream
I can't rave about these products enough. They smell SO GOOD, they are tangy-sweet but fresh and they leave my skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Definitely a new fave.

From Tabitha's Bag//  Philosophy's Clear Days Ahead
I haven't yet tried this product, but it is definitely one I've added to my shopping list. It is a fast acting spot treatment, which is something I am looking to add to my skin care regime.

So that's that... haha all I can say is that I will work on packing smarter and try to lean towards minimum instead of maximum items. I'm not promising anything, but I'll try :) What are some items you have to pack in your vanity bag when you are traveling? Do you use a list or are you more like me?

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Crystal Rae said...

I think my toiletry bags contains less... But a very nice lay out I might add... very clean and meticulous