when plans change


I was suppose to be in Nashville today. Exploring a new city with two of my very good friends. This was a trip I had been looking forward to for a while now and due to a number of life's fun little interruptions the trip was canceled. My friends and I had been talking/planning for the past 5 months or so. They were coming in from their respective states, I would be driving up from Florida. That was the plan anyway. But as we all know, plans sometimes change. Not because we want them to, but because they just do. Life happens. And in this case... a yucky sickness, two new jobs, as well as a moving house situation happened. We all had to make the hard decision for ourselves to call off the trip, but we also had to handle the situation of talking it through with each other which isn't a fun discussion to have.

A little backstory:

Two weeks ago my LA friend got a new job. I was super excited for her. But because this new job was salary and not hourly... our little trip was no longer an option for her. At least not a budget friendly one. Flying into Nashville on a Saturday and then out on a Sunday is just not worth it in my eyes. As much as I wanted to see her and have this little adventure with her, I didn't think it was the best way to spend her money. Because she was no longer coming, I was having to sort out my own situation. I was suppose to be sharing  the hotel with her and my budget was tight. There wasn't really any wiggle room. I contacted my other friend that was driving down from MI to see if maybe there was a sleeping arrangement I could work out with her and the friend she was staying with. But through that conversation I found out she was battling a yucky cold and had been under the weather for over a week and wasn't feeling any better. We all know how horrible it is to travel when you aren't feeling well. Heck, when you're sick all you want to do is lay in bed and watch movies or sleep. At least that's me. On top of all that, in a matter of just a few days... I myself had gotten a new job, that I would be starting training for in October AND we found out we were moving to a new house. The house we currently rent is being sold, so we've found a new one and our move-out/move-in date was planned smack dab during the Nashville trip. I mean really? As you can see, each of us had something going on that was acting as a road block for the trip.

So... long story short. I ended up calling it. I was disappointed but I also was happy to have made a wise decision. It seemed with everything that was stacking up against the trip that it probably wasn't meant to be. This is the kind of circumstance that could cause trouble between friends if there wasn't good communication. Because this trip wasn't just about one of us, there was dependence and expectations from the others going that needed to be addressed. While it wasn't easy I think we all did our best and while I'm sad the adventure didn't happen I know we have plenty of time to plan another, even better one.

In my home group Tuesday we read and shared about intuition. I can tell you that over the last two weeks I've had a feeling about the trip. Not a bad one or anything, just a feeling that while it was something I wanted to do, that maybe it wasn't something I should do. I honestly fought that feeling hard. I feel like I did everything I could to make the trip happen the way I wanted it to, but when it came down to making the final call. I just knew. I still didn't enjoy closing the book on something I wanted, no matter how small, that is never a fun task. But even though I felt the disappointment that comes with things not going as planned, I also had a weird sense of relief. I felt like I made the right decision. It was a great lesson for me, to listen to my intuition.


Sue Skerjance said...

It sounds like you made the right decision. Sometimes decisions are not always easy to make...but after weighing everything, stick to it and don't regret it.

Love you,

Gerri said...

Great post love... Yep, you're definitely in your 30s now...
Although it was a hard decision, you knew it in your gut. I was just reading in a post, by Chela Davison, that you should check in to 4 points when you make a decision.

1. The Mind: Not your cyclical thoughts, running to do-lists or worry streams. Wisdom. Insight. Seeing. That which draws on both experience and perspective taking, to bring clarity.

2. The Heart: Love. Communion. Relationship. Heart wisdom is the feeling centre, anchored in care and embrace. Emotional wisdom lives here, your ache and desires. Pulse.

3. The Gut: Primal. Instinctive. The core and the root of what drives and holds being. The immediate whisper that might be a grunt if it were louder.

4. The Spirit: It’s greater than and coming through you. The You that’s becoming, that wants to emerge. Your higher wisdom. The body that's not your body.

Sounds like you're in tune...