Holiday Gift Guide // For the Kiddos

I asked a few of the little ones in my life to share the types of things they'd like to see under their Christmas tree and then I searched the web for a few items I thought would be fun too. So as promised here is my Holiday Gift Guide for the kiddos in your life.

holiday gift guide_kiddos

1// Seedling - Good Things for Boys   2// Seedling - Good Things for Girls
3// Ridley's 5 Tricks Magic Set  4// Tnees Tpees - Teepee The Charlie   5// Roller Derby Adjustable Skates   6// Guggenheim - Gallery Art Set  7// Pineapples Ukulele   8// West Elm Portland General Store Shaving Kit   9// Paddle Your Own Canoe   10// MeeGenius! Subscription

I love shopping for kids, it's your chance to let your inner child loose and play with all the items before you make your gift pick.

1 & 2// The Seedling Gift Kits are full of fun items that will keep any child entertained for hours. 3// This magic kit was one of the kids suggestions and honestly I think it is great. What a fun skill for them to learn and share with their friends. 4// I don't know about you but when I was little my brother and I were always building tents. I love these teepees, not only are they great little spaces for kids to play but they are stylish so the mommies won't mind leaving them up. 5// Another one of the kiddos suggestions was roller skates. I remember when I was young going to the roller rink and hanging with my friends, trying tricks (not too many, because I was horrible.) I definitely was on board with this suggestion. 6// I love giving children some art supplies, paper and just watch their imaginations take over. This set from the guggenheim store is a little pricey but I loved that the easel was built in and everything was stored in one place. It is an organization freaks dream.  7// This yellow ukulele is adorable and for those kids in your life that are musically inclined, I think it is a great instrument for them to learn. 8// Lastly for the little readers in your life I suggest you check out MeeGenius, you can buy 3 month and yearly subscriptions. The site has over 700 children books.... that's 700 different adventures just at their fingertips.

As you can probably tell, I tried to find gifts that would encourage creativity, imagination and most of all play. When I was little I would have loved any of the above gifts and I think that they are universal enough that almost every little one in your life would appreciate them too.

Happy Shopping!

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