The Christmas Sweater

I have been LOVING all of the ASOS Christmas jumpers this year. They are all so cute a playful.  This time of year is beautiful and full of love, but it also can be a bit stressful. Sometimes getting yourself in the Christmassy mood isn't all that easy, enter the Christmas sweater. In my opinion, throwing one of these bad boys on is the perfect way to jump start your joyful spirit. I think every sweater has a little bit of Christmas magic in them, haha, you think I'm joking but I am serious. Every time I see someone when I'm wearing one, the chain reaction is always smiles, which in turn makes me smile. If you don't believe me you should purchase one and try it out yourself. Here are a few of my faves from ASOS, Target and Urban Outfitters also have some fun options.


Do you have a Christmas sweater? 
What are some traditions that help get you in the Christmassy mood?

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Sue Skerjance said...

Cute! It does bring a smile to your face when you see someone with a Christmas shirt on.

See you soon!