What's in my Birchbox | November Edition

The November Birchbox theme is “More Good” and includes samples...

Here's a little list of the products I received in my box. I included a portion of their companies product descriptions so you could get an idea of what they are. If you want to find out more, click on the links and it will take you to each of the products.

1. It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product
This miracle conditioner, which boasts 10 different benefits, eliminates frizz, restores shine with a few quick sprays, protects hair from all of those heated styling tools you love, and prevents split ends.
2. Tiossan Body Cream
Sometimes we get the urge to skip the all-important post-shower moisturizing step, but these intensely moisturizing body creams rid us of any such impulse.
3. Color Club Cocktail Hour Collection
It's time to get your nails holiday ready. Color Club teamed up with Birchbox to create these three "special" holiday shades, that are perfect for the coming season and they have awesome staying power.
4. Chella Highlighter Pencil
This pencil conceals, brightens, contours, shapes, lines and defines. Working ten different ways to help you highlight your natural beauty.
5. Chuao Chocolatier Chocolate Bars
Chocoholics, you are in for an awakening. These decadent chocolates come in a range of exciting flavors that go way beyond sweet - think salty, crisp, spicy. It's time to indulge.

I've tried everything in this box except the nail polish, for some reason I am just not thrilled about the color. The It's a 10 product is one that I've used for some time, it does wonders for my coarse curly hair.  I am a major fan. The Tiossan Body Cream smells lovely and it doesn't leave a grimey residue. I don't know if it something I am going to purchase later, I am going to continue to use the sample and see if it wins me over. I am a massive fan of the Chella Highlighter Pencil, I've used it everyday since I opened the box. My favorite use is for my waterline, it is a very natural highlighter so it doesn't look crazy like some white liners do, on me. It also lasts a good while, which is something I always look for in a product. It has to have good staying power. Last but not least the Chuao Chocolate Bar, I have to be honest and say that I was disappointed when I saw that this was one of my samples. I didn't like that it replaced a beauty product, because that is why I started getting Birchbox, to try new beauty and skincare products. That being said, it is chocolate and I couldn't let it go to waste. LOL. This little chocolate bar totally surprised me, the flavor was smooth and sweet but the best part was the popping... it had the same kind of after effect that pop-rocks have. I wasn't expecting it and the surprise definitely left me smiling. I think it would be a fun Valentines or Sweetest Day gift. My November box wasn't my favorite so far but I am looking forward to my December box. There is something so fun about getting a present once a month. It's always a surprise to open it and most of the time I really like what I get. It's fun.

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? Did you get your box yet this month? If yes, what awesome products did you get to try? Any new faves? If you don’t subscribe yet and are interested in learning more, click here and join in on the fun!

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Sue Skerjance said...

I like the idea of getting a little box every now and then...surprise, surprise. I am one of those people that forgets to put body lotion on after a shower. And it truly feels 110% better when I remember to do it.