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After a long day at work I think we all deserve a little bit of pampering. One of my favorite ways to pamper myself is to slap on a nice mask and read a beauty or fashion magazine. These are some of the masks I am loving right now.

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Lush, Oatifix
I am a major fan of all things Lush. I love every product I try from there. Their masks are something I've repurchased many times. They are made with all fresh ingredients and they feel and smell delicious. Oatifix in particular is my new fave, I have very dry skin and after using this mask just once my skin looked 10times better. It moisturized and buffed away all the flaky skin and left my face feeling so nourished and baby soft. $6.95

Lush, Catastrophe Cosmetic
This mask is more for when you are battling a bit of redness or irritation. It leaves your skin with all it's natural oils, while giving it a deep cleanse. This mask is a go-to for all skin types and is one of their best sellers. $6.95

GlamGlow, SuperMud Clearing Treatment
The GlamGlow brand is raved about all over beauty blogs. It was on my list of must tries for a good while before I made the leap and purchased a gift set that had the two masks in it. There is no way around it they are a luxury item when it comes to my bank account. SuperMud is great for when your face is on the verge of a breakout or you are seeing a bit of irritation. Honestly after applying it I have seen an instant difference in my skin. It is said to de-plog pores, help minimize lines and wrinkles and improve your skins all around texture. I've been quite stingy with it, so I only use it once a week but I believe even with minimal usage my skin is in better condition. $69

GlamGlow, YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment
The YouthMud treatment is insane, it is literally what they say, a facial in a jar. I am not usually one for anything that tingles but honestly it leaves your skin looking so glowy and moisturized it is totally worth it. This is definitely a pamper treatment, not an everyday treatment. It is an exfoliant and after the treatment your skin is a bit pinkish for a little while but it feels softer, tighter, cleaner, brighter... I could go on and on. I was not disappointed with this at all, it exceeded all my expectations. $69

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Botanics, Conditioning Clay Mask
This is a fantastic drugstore option. It leaves your skin feeling tighter, more moisturized and incredibly clean. I also love that it is a clay mask, there is just something about a clay mask that makes it feel like a real spa experience for me. $9.39

Lush, Dream Steam
This is also a new discovery, Lush came out with these at home facial capsules. You get a bowl of hot water, drop one of these babies into it and then place your face over the steam. This opens your pores and preps your face for what ever mask you want to put on. The steam smells wonderfully and is incredibly calming, it is definitely a lovely way to start any evening pamper session. One of their cool tips was to save the water after steaming and put it in a reusable bottle. This way you can use it as a toner for a couple days. $2.95

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Face masks are a little bit of luxury we can easily and affordably add into our every day life. They're a  nice little gift we can give ourselves, to help us unwind and relax. Not only that, but they keep our skin healthy and young. Two things, I think we all'd like. Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite go-to face mask you think I'd love. Or, if you try any of the ones I mentioned above, I'd love to hear what you think.


Katherines Corner said...

lots of glam goodies!!!♥

Sue Skerjance said...

Definitely will need to try one of the lush masks. They seem affordable. Just wish the stores were a little closer to home. :)