Dress Your Tech || 2014

A few of you have requested a new desktop background download. This is the one I made for the new year. A nice little reminder to help encourage us to stay on track past January :)

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mind over matter || download

Going into 2014 we all have goals, dreams and aspirations for what we'd like to see happen. Just like starting anything new, we are hyped up and excited and right now we are dominating our resolutions. But three weeks from now, when the newness has worn off and you are tired of eating chicken and broccoli or you've hit a plateau in your weight loss, that's when we are all going to need this little reminder.

I'm not saying that it will make things easier, but if we push past the 30day caverns and keep our heads in the right place, keep our goals in front of us... we can beat our slumps and really rock the socks off of 2014. Yeh, we are all going to stumble at times but like our parents always said "It isn't about whether or not you fall, everyone does, it's about what you do after. It's about whether or not you get back up." If you hit that wall of hate towards your 2014 lifestyle change, take a day or two to get it out of your system, remind yourself why you wanted to make the changes to begin with and then get back on the horse. If you don't think you have the willpower to do that, enlist an accountability partner. Someone that you trust enough to be vulnerable with about your desires for 2014 and someone that will encourage you when you are feeling a little off. In my opinion, everything is always more enjoyable when you are doing it with someone else. 

What are some of your resolutions, goals, dreams for 2014? 

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