Health Bucket List | 2014


You can't start a new year without reflecting on the year before. While I did start making some good changes last year, there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to getting myself to where I'd like to be. Like many of you, I have the best of intentions at the beginning of the year and then I struggle in the middle, only to kind of surrender in the end. It isn't that I don't want what's best for me, I just haven't pushed myself to be disciplined enough to get it. These are the items I alluded to on Monday. The items that I see and know are what I should want and do, and yet I have a hard time finding the same enthusiasm for them as I do exploring a new country or learning a new skill. I honestly know that being successful in all of these things, or rather crossing all of these items off of my bucket list, will enable me to do and experience even more than I have dreamed for myself. Being healthy makes everything more fun and less stressful. So, without further ado my 2014 Health Bucket List...

1| Live this new mantra - bed before ten
Since starting my new job I've been working on crossing this off, but it is still something I need to really master so I am putting it on my list. One of the ways I am going to help myself with this is to not read directly before bed, I am the type of person that if I start a story I will stay up until 4am to finish it. It is really hard for me to fall asleep not knowing the end. Last year I got into the habit of reading before bed. For most "normal" people this is probably an acceptable practice, but for me it is playing with danger. It is far too easy for me to sacrifice sleep, so I am going to try and take away the temptation. I am also going to cut out TV and YouTube before bed. Basically by 9pm there will be no more entertainment for me. I'm hoping to get into the habit of ending my day with doing my nightly bathroom routine, writing, praying and then drifting off to sleep.

2| Fall in love with water
You all know I don't like water. I never really have. That being said it is vital. I know this and I am bound and determined to fall in love with it. I am just going to keep telling myself it will help my skin, my hair, my diet, etc. I haven't completely cut out other beverages, I may start weaning myself off this year. I am taking baby steps.

3| Become an outdoorsy
Last year I did some high intensive exercise. I enjoyed it, but I don't know if my body was ready for it. My knees were acting up quite a bit. This year my goal is to start a little milder, I plan on walking for an hour at least 3 times a week. I'm not stuck on doing an hour all at once, if I can do 30min in the morning and 30min in the evening that is what I will do. I just want to get into the habit of being active and getting outside. Once it becomes part of my norm and I've shed a few pounds, I would like to try running.

4| Discover the world of vitamins
At the moment I don't take any vitamins. I know, shock horror!  It isn't because I don't see the value in them, I've always just struggled with remembering to take them. And if I'm being honest, I am still learning what vitamins I should be taking. This year I am determined to learn what vitamins will benefit me and implement them into my morning routine.

5| Major in meal planning
My food intake is definitely the one lifestyle change I NEED to make. I have horrible eating habits. I don't plan out meals in advance and often revert to food that isn't good for me because it is easy. I don't want this to be my reality, this year I would like to learn some new recipes that I actually enjoy making and eating. I'm even looking into cooking classes. Before that, I know I need to master the art of grocery shopping, this is a skill I lack and haven't ever really put the time in to master. But that is all going to change, I am going to get over my dislike for making grocery lists and heading to the market... and I am going to become a quick and budget friendly shopping machine. Just typing that sentence was difficult for me, haha, luckily I have quite a few friends that are pro's in this area and I am definitely going to be seeking them out as mentors.

6| Connect More
When it comes to emotional health, I am really wanting to keep connected with all of my girlfriends that live in other states. This has never been my strong suit, luckily these ladies love me and have stuck with me in spite of that. But they deserve more and I honestly do want to be more involved in their lives and have them more involved in mine. I want to start utilizing Skype and FaceTime, both are such amazing tools to keep connected with loved ones and I've over looked them for far too long. When I can't work in video dates, I want to make time for phone calls and emails.

7| Read my Bible every day
There are so many aspects of health and for me spiritual health is just as important as everything else. I am wanting to make a habit out of getting into the scriptures every day. At the moment I do a devotional but I'd like to go a little deeper in my studies. The more I saturate my spirit with the Word, the stronger I feel I am to take on the battles I may face emotionally this year and the plateaus I will hit on my journey to getting healthy. I know that reading the Word will affect my attitude and mindset, and it will help me reach my goals.

What are some of your health goals for 2014?


Sue Skerjance said...

Love our post. Be sure to really check out the vitamins before you take them. There has been new research that taking some vitamins may not necessarily do anything for you. You should check with a doctor (I know I said the "D" word), before you take any supplements...because you may not need them.

Love you lots!!

Sue Skerjance said...

Meant to say "Love your post." ha ha