The "Happy" Movement

My friend Chris just shared this with me and I love everything about it, so of course I wanted to share it with you. Pharrell Williams teamed up with a few others and they've created this website called It features a constant stream of people dancing to the song "happy." They had hundreds of participants set up to express their happy and I just have to say it is so fun to watch. Definitely an instant mood booster.

Since the website and official music video has posted it has become a trend on YouTube and many other Countries have created their own version... I love it! It is so cool to see so many people connected through a project like this.

Happy // Official Music Video

Happy // Paris

Happy // Belfast

Happy // Hong Kong

Happy // Sydney

Happy // Dublin

Check out the site and jump on the happy train. You can click through the 24hrs or watch it stream. The song is catchy and watching other people having so much fun with it just makes you want to get up and dance as well. I love that this song and the idea has caught on and spread around the world.

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