Valentine's Day Ideas // For All the Single Ladies


Well friends, we've survived January. It is said to be one of the hardest months of the year. They (whoever "they" are) say this because November & December are so full of holidays and traditions that when we enter January things tend to hit a lull. That, and so many of us set up huge expectations for ourselves that we get discouraged midway through. I don't know if that was the case for you but if it was, it's behind you now. We are officially in the month of love and that is something to smile about. Young or old, single or taken... we all love. Love comes in different forms, at different times in our lives. But, we all feel it for someone or something. We all want to believe in its power, to experience its depths. For those of us who haven't met our special someones yet, we can still embrace the love, we should still celebrate it.

A Month of Love

 1// Share the Love 

We all have people in our lives that we love. Why not take time this month to tell them how much, or even better why not show them. You could hand write a sweet note to your family members letting them know what they mean to you, or send them pictures of you together with some of your favorite memories with them. You could show your single girlfriends some love, have some flowers and candy delivered to them or send them a little love package in the mail. Or, you could go elementary school style and buy little valentines cards or candy for all of your co-workers or go crazy and get a bunch and hand them out to people you run into throughout the day.

 2// Find Something New to Love 

This month is the perfect month to start a new love affair. No, I'm not talking about signing up for online dating or putting yourself through a last stitch attempt to find a man. What I mean is to take this month to try something new. Here are a couple examples: try a new workout class, get lost in a book or TV series, sign up for cooking or music classes, enroll in an e-course, or maybe start a new hobby like photography, painting or scrapbooking.

Valentines Day

 1// Treat Yourself 

Let's be honest, when it comes to spending Valentines Day single it would be really easy to just try and sleep through it.  But why not spend the day doing all the things you love instead. This is the perfect day to pamper yourself. Plan a spa day; get a facial, a massage and get your nails done. Then order take out from your favorite restaurant, take it home and end the night with a movie marathon of all your favorites.

 2// Girls Night In or Out 

Call up your single girlfriends and plan a night out. Have everyone meet and get ready together. Get all dolled up, do your hair, makeup, put on your heels and head out somewhere fun. Maybe hit up a karaoke bar or dance club where you can let loose and have fun. Or if you want to keep it snazzy, make reservations at a nice restaurant and end the evening spoiling yourselves on decadent desserts. Don't feel like glamming up and going out, plan a girls night in. Have everyone bring their pj's, their favorite movies or dance music, their favorite nail polishes, magazines and spa treatments. Plan an assortment of finger/snacky food, some fun drinks and plenty of desserts with chocolate. Spend the evening watching fun films, dancing, pampering and playing old school sleep over games.

 3// Be the Cool Friend 

If you aren't someone who celebrates the day and you don't have your own plans for the evening, why not be a blessing to one of your couple friends with kids? Offer to watch their little ones for the night, so they can go out and really spend some time with one another. I just want to be clear, in no way should you  feel like you have to make this offer just because your single, that isn't what I'm saying. If your plans are to spend the evening alone watching movies and eating your favorite pizza, those still count as plans. What I am saying is, if you don't have plans and you want to give your friends a super awesome gift, I think this would be something you could do to show them how much you love them.

How do you plan on spending Valentine's Day?

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