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This post was inspired by Lily Pebbles. I absolutely love her blog and I think this is a fun way to share snippets of my previous week.

This week I am starting off by trying a new kind of weekly recap. I've seen it on a few blogs I follow and thought I'd give it a try.  If you've seen this setup before, you will notice mine is a little different. For my "wear" section I've decided to feature items that I've added to my fashion wish list. The "life" section, is where I will share funny stories, new adventures, goals, etc. The "eats" portion will feature either a new restaurant that has stolen my heart or a new recipe that I've tried at home.

There are quite a few pieces on ASOS Curve that have caught my eye this week. And I have to say a couple are a bit 90's grunge inspired, which isn't really like me but for some reason I keep going back to them. These three pieces (Believe in Your #selfie Tshirt, Button Down Maxi Dress, Acid Wash Jeans in Winter Wine) are currently in my online shopping cart. I'm taking a few days to think them over. Impulse buying is not on my budget bucket list :)

At the moment I am in a little bit of a state. It isn't that I'm not happy. I am very happy. It's just that I want more. I am not all that satisfied with some things in my life, so I've decided to change things up a bit. To get the change ball rolling, I've started a few online eCourses. One is for blogging and the other is for web design. The blogging eCourse is purely for enjoyment, I read the description and it sounded like something that would be fun and inspirational. The web design eCourse is more educational and career focused. I went to school for graphic design, sadly during that time the web design portion of the program was not yet created. I've worked primarily in print design since I've graduated and while I really enjoy it, when it comes to looking for new jobs in this market you are expected to be more well rounded. At the moment, I don't really want to go back to school full time so I thought I'd give this avenue a try. It is more affordable and self paced, which are two huge pluses in my book.

This week I thought I'd share an oldie but a goodie. Tiffany's is my go to diner for my breakfast dates with my friend Erica. Each time I've gone I've tried something new. So far I've had Mammas Waffle, the Eggs Benedict and today I had the Pecan Pancakes. Everything they make is absolutely delicious, and the prices can't be beat for the portions you are given. Not only that, but everyone that works there is so friendly and personable. It is truly an enjoyable experience all around.

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Gerri said...

That's shirt is adorbs!!! How exciting about the courses. ;) Honey, keep at it. I think when you're ready you may want to do The Desire Map. It was a game changer for me.