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Fall is my favorite season and even though it doesn't feel like fall here in Florida, I still like to see what new styles are making waves. Whether it be rich deep lips or warm camel toned accessories, I am loving a lot of the trends this season. 

1// Rifle Paper Co. 
I pretty much love everything Anna Bond creates but I am completely smitten with the Beaute Desk Calendar. I seriously can not wait to get my hands on one. The illustrations are chic and spot on for any woman that loves beauty.

2// Hats
I am seeing hats all over Pinterest and YouTube and they keep catching my eye. I don't know if it is something I can pull off with my thick curly hair but I am a major fan of the movement. The hat I featured is from H&M but ASOS has an insane variety as well.

3// Lush Bath Bomb in Cinder
Fall for some reason always puts me in more of a bath mood and the best companion to every bath is a Lush Bath Bomb. This particular bomb, has a pop-rock type affect and it makes the bath sound a little like a roaring fire. The scent is lovely and it leaves you feeling soft and moisturized. 

4// MAC Lipstick in Sin
Lipstick is my happy place, I love a deep bold lip. I've been seeing MAC's Sin all over and I think it is absolutely gorgeous. It has definitely been added to my "Must Get" list. 

5// Hi- Low Necklaces
Layering necklaces has been a trend for a while now, recently I've been seeing quite a few of these Hi-Low necklaces and I personally think they are a beautiful way to layer but still keep things simple. Plus it's a bargain, since it's two necklaces in one. 

6// Slouchy Handbag Backpacks
What can I say, I love me some Clueless. I am all about this awesome 90's trend making its way back into my life. Target has quite a few options of these lovelies at the moment and they are all decently priced. 

7// Oversized Scarves
This particular scarf has been on my radar for a while. It is basically a blanket with how big it is. I love it. T
he fact that it is black and white and has a geometric design just puts it over the top. Scarves in general are a great way to add some flare to a simple casual outfit. I am a casual kind of girl and scarves are my jam. 

8// Toms Wedges
I'll be honest I am not really a heel girl, so I can't say that I will own these beauties myself, but I've seen them on quite a few fashionistas recently and I think they are lovely. I especially like the olive green suede ones, there is something about that rich color that just takes an outfit to another level. 

9// ASOS Coat
I personally have been loving all the trench coats I've been seeing recently, but I haven't found a plus sized version that I think is a winner just yet. That being said, this ASOS coat did catch my eye. I am loving the leather on the sleeves and the flattering cut of the coat. 

What are you loving right now?

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Gerri said...

Going out later to pick of some bath bombs. Oh and I'm loving a new matte red I got from Zoya. It was a buy two polishes get a lippie and clear matte polish free deal. It's my new favorite red. I've also been experimenting with color chalks for my hair. I rocked some blue last weekend. Who knows what tonight will bring! xxO