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Holiday Gift Guide // For the Fellas

Men, men, men... here's the third installment to my holiday gift guides. I'm not going to lie, sometimes I struggle with what to get the fellas in my life. It's not that guys are harder to shop for by any means, I just think that it is harder for me to get creative with their gifts. I did some searching and these are the items that caught my eye...

holiday gift guide_the fellas

3// JuiceCell Battery Charger  4// LifeProof iPhone Armband   5// Milloo Mens Crossbody Rucksack  
6// Paper Trail Wood Block Calendar  7// Lifeproof Phone Case   8// West Elm Portland General Store Shaving Kit   9// Paddle Your Own Canoe   10// Target 4 Pint Glasses   11// Express Plaited Cotton Crew Neck Sweater   12// Fossil Grant Chronograph Leather Watch

I like finding gifts for the guys in my life that they may not even know they want. 

Whether it be a book that both inspires and entertains them or a shaving kit that helps take their morning routine to the next level... finding these items, the search, that's half the fun for me. The other half is watching them open the gift. How do you shop for the men in your life?

Next week I'll be posting a Holiday Gift Guide for the Kiddos!

Happy Friday Friends!!

Holiday Gift Guide // For the Ladies

Here's the second installment to my holiday gift guides. I think these gift ideas (or some variation of them) will be treasured by all of the ladies in your life. I did my best to keep things under $100. There are a couple pricier items, but for the most part they are all budget friendly.

holiday gift guide_the ladies

1// ASOS Leather Touch Screen Bow Gloves   2// Artifact Uprising Softcover Photo Book
3// BaubleBar Goldsmith Set  4// Urban Outfitters Ecote Bead-Embellished Handbag   5// Lifeproof Phone Case  
6// Jo Malone Wild Fig & Cassis' Candle   7// Rifle Paper Company Gold Foil Notebooks or The World is Your Oyster Print   8// H&M Knit Sweater   9// The Little Paris Kitchen Book

1// For those of you that live in the colder states, ASOS' leather bow gloves are adorable and they are smart phone friendly. No more taking off your gloves to dial, text, tweet or email.

2// If you have any ladies in your life that are picture fanatics, my suggestion is to make them a softcover photo book through Artifact Uprising. Their books are affordable and the finish is beautiful. It may take a little extra effort, getting all their pictures together, but that will just make the gift even more special.

3// Next up, the bling. I myself don't wear much jewelry but I do like looking at it. I found the above set on BaubleBar and I think it would be a nice addition to any woman's collection. It has a little glitz for those who are into sparkle, but it isn't too much, so it still suits those who want to keep things classic.

4// The other glitzy item that caught my eye was this Embellished Wallet on a Chain from Urban Outfitters. I thought the three designs were all gorgeous and they may be a perfect accessory for your loved ones new years outfit.

5// I love my Lifeproof case and I would buy all of my friends one if I had the budget for it. The cases aren't too bulky and they provide amazing protection to an otherwise fragile device. With the amount of money we all spend on our smartphones, I think it is worth a little cash to make sure they stay in tip-top shape. PLUS it's waterproof... I mean, you can literally take the phone with you anywhere.

6// Jo Malone's candles are a bit of a splurge. They are definitely a luxury item, but they smell amazing and the scent will saturate your space. I chose the Wild Fig because that is my favorite but they have other scents that smell delicious too.

7// I love having little notebooks handy to write down inspiration or to remind myself of something later. Rifle Paper Company has these adorable pocket notebooks that fit in almost any bag and the designs are so pretty. I also included a print from Rifle, I think every girl deserves to be told that they can do anything, be anything, dream anything... and to me this print says it all.

8// Every girl needs a comfy sweater. I like this one from H&M because the fabric was nice and soft, and I like the fact that it is a little longer in the back. It's perfect for leggings.

9// Last but not least, I don't know if every girl dreams of Paris but I think most of us appreciate good food. I saw this book in Anthropologie and I wanted it instantly. Not only are the images amazing but the recipes aren't too intimidating and the food, well it looks delicious. If you have a foodie friend, or a wanna be chef... this might just be the gift for them.

I love finding the perfect gift for all my loved ones. If I could buy presents for a living, I would be over the moon. 

I've been doing some Christmas shopping this week and my biggest problem is once I purchase the gift I want to give it to that person right away. I honestly can't wait to see them open it. That is why I normally put off all gift shopping to the last minute. But this year, I am working within a budget and I find it is better for me to start things early and spread the purchases out. What about you, how do you like to do your Christmas Shopping?

Up next a Holiday Gift Guide For the Guys!

Happy Shopping!

Holiday Gift Guide // The Girly Girl

I'm jumping on the holiday bandwagon this week and I am going to be posting a few of my holiday gift guides. To start things off I thought I'd go all things beauty and makeup related... so if you have a beautiful lady in your life that you'd like to pamper take a gander at the list below of all my favorite beauty and bath goodies.

holiday gift guide_girly girl

3// The New Black Foiled Again 5pc Nail Set   4// Too Faced Be Merry & Bright Set   5// Juicy Couture Spray Set   
6// Benefit Little Love Potions Gift Set   7// Love & Toast Body Lotion   8// Benefit B.Right Radiant Skincare Kit

If you've been to my blog before you know I love all things makeup and beauty related, so you can see why I'd want to start off my holiday guides with all things beauty. I recently spent some time at Ulta doing some Christmas shopping of my own, for the beautiful ladies in my life, and the above are a few of the goodies that caught my eye. I'm not saying every girl is a girly-girl, but I do think there is something on this list that would make a lot of girls smile.

I mean, who doesn't like to be pampered a little bit? 

That being said, I'll be making another Holiday Gift Guide that is more Style, Home and Entertainment based for the ladies as well. Along with, a guide for the Men in your life and maybe even the Kiddos. So, if the above list doesn't strike your fancy, be on the look out for my next few guides in the coming days.

Happy Shopping!

oh my... Aliyah's 7 & I've got another gift idea for you

Last night we celebrated Aliyah's 7th birthday. A group of all her Florida friends and family came together to make her birthday (that is actually today) as special as we could. The party was held at her favorite restaurant, Sweet Tomatoes, and it was full of yummy food, presents, a special bday cupcake and lots of giggles. I honestly can't believe she is 7, it's been fun to reflect on the past six years. She has grown to be an amazing young lady, a brave big sister and a supportive and steadfast friend. I can't wait to see what this next year holds for her.

1// $2 Beauty Bag set of two (Target Dollar Bins - In Store)   2// Matte Nail Polish (hand me down she asked me for)   
3// Lip Smuckers Chapstick in Watermelon   4// $1 Nail Art Stickers in Leopard Print (Target Dollar Bins - In Store)   
5// ELF Shimmering Facial Whip    6// Bubble Yum Bubble Gum   7// $1 BFF Ring Set (Target Dollar Bins - In Store)   
8// $1 Stationary Set (Target Dollar Bins - In Store)   9// Circo Girls Woven Top

I am currently on a budget, like most people, but I still wanted to get Aliyah something I knew she'd love and something that'd make her feel special. I gave myself a $20 limit and I am happy to report that I checked out at $16.78. When it came to wrapping, I used a bag that I had saved and then I sorted all the items into two groups. The first group of bits and bobs went into the bigger beauty bag and the second group of beauty items went into the smaller bag. Aliyah's makeup collection is growing and I thought the two bags would not only be fun for her to open on her birthday and find the goodies but that they would also be great to help her keep all her makeup, lipgloss and nail polish organized and in one place. I topped the bag off with her shirt, the little layers of ruffles on the back replaced the tissue paper I would normally buy.

She seemed pretty happy when she opened it, which to me is a win. Giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do, that being said I've had to learn to be wise and to embrace a budget savvy mindset while shopping for all the goodies. A great gift doesn't have to break the bank to be special, it just has to be full of love.

Happy Birthday Aliyah! I love you lots!

oh my... a girly gift idea

I love to buy presents for my friends and loved ones. I honestly get a little thrill out of thinking about what they'd like to receive and really try to put a good amount of thought into it. I recently went to a bachelorette party for, my now sister, Kendall. Because I was going into this as the older sis and because I'm probably more naive and immature in the whole realm of sexy bachelorette party gifts, I decided to go the bath and beauty route and found lots of little goodies that would make Kendall feel loved and pampered.


1// Que Bella Face Masks   2// Bella by Illume Candle in Vanilla Amber   3// Boots Mango Body Wash   4// Boots Mango Sugar Scrub   5//Boots Mango Body Butter  
 6// Revlon Nail Art in Jackson Polish and Silhouette   7// Trim 7-Way Nail Buffer   8// Nate Berkus Penta Bowl

Target is one of my favorite stores, no joke if I could go there everyday I probably would. But that would do major damage on my budget so I abstain. 

The first step for this gift was to find a basket to hold all of the goodies. Kendall and Garrett's living room colors are purple, black and creme... I didn't want to get a plain basket, but one that would be a fun accent to their room. I saw this Nate Berkus bowl and I instantly loved how much of a statement piece it was. After deciding on the basket, I hit the candle aisle because whenever I have a pamper session the first thing I do is light some candles. I feel like it creates a space where you can relax, plus it smells yummy. Win-win. Next, I hit up the beauty aisle. I found 3 masks that I've used before and love. These particular masks are a bargain and they have always left my skin feeling refreshed and moisturized. With the face taken care of, I moved on to some bath and body products. Boots is a european brand and I've heard many youtube vloggers talk about the Mango line, so I thought it'd be a nice addition to the basket. The scent is fruity and summery. Last but not least, nails. I found two of Revlon's Nail Arts in shades that I thought were great basics for any season, and of course a nail buffer to perfect her manicure. 

This was a fun gift to put together and she seemed to really like it. Which is a WIN in my book :)