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Love at the Creek: Engagement

As promised, the last of our three shoots. I have to say these are probably my favorites. Garrett and Kendall are both fit and look incredible in their fun outfits. I had so much fun playing in the water and I've got to give them majors props for braving the cold creek with smiles. I just love every picture.

A big thanks to my Dad for being my photo assistant and for keeping things interesting :) and to Jessica Haist for her amazing makeup skills on both this shoot and the picnic shoot, you rock babe!

Congratulations Gar & Ken! I love you both so much and I am so blessed to have been a part of telling your love story. I can't wait for the wedding day...both to be in the wedding and to shoot it :) It's going to be epic!


A Picnic by the Creek: Engagement

I mentioned in my last post that I made vision board(s)...haha well this another one of the fun ideas I was talking about. A sweet simple picnic in the woods. We drove the back roads of mid-michigan and found this old fishing spot on a creek that my dad use to visit as a kid. As soon as I saw it I knew we'd found our location. I went shopping with Garrett and Kendall for their outfits and man do they look pretty great, haha, if I do say so myself :)


The second part of this shoot will be up shortly. You are going to love it :)


A Camping Engagement

My little brother is getting married! Ahh, I still can't believe it. Haha. Of course, as soon as they called and told me the news I was coming up with vision boards for an Engagement shoot with them. So while I was in Michigan visiting last month, we spent a few days playing around and getting some sweet images of them together. This first set is in their camper. They plan camping trips every year, so I knew it was definitely something I wanted to tie into their engagement images.

Gar&Ken Camping

I'll post some of my favorite pics from their other shoot later on this week. Be sure to check back :) 


Mini Shoot: Hannah & Reagan

I had a fun mini shoot with these two cuties this past Monday. It had been 2yrs since our last one and I have to say they are just as cute as ever. They were so full of energy and spunk, coming up with poses all on there own. They are both so adorable and have so much personality it was a lot of fun. Here are a few of my faves.

See Local: The Craftastic Studio of ROC Paper Scissors

Introducing Relish Studio's new personal project, See Local. Each month we are going to showcase a local artist or business. This month... we are happy to introduce you to Rosa of ROC Paper Scissors.

We walked into the light and airy studio of Rosa Clifford (featured on The Martha Stewart Show and Tampa Bay's Daytimeand though the morning was slightly overcast, I don't think we could've felt any warmer, the room any brighter. What amount of sun that shone through the misty clouds, poured into her large west facing windows and the light sparkled off of her racks of glitter and pretty, dainty things. We were there to capture a tutorial for one of her beautiful handcrafted cards, of which orders come to her from across the globe, for Martha Stewart's The Craft Dept. blog... and we left her studio feeling like we'd just had lunch with a dear friend. Although, yeah, lunch with a dear friend happened, because that's just the kind of person Rosa is––a great hostess, an inspirational artist, a caring mother, a dear friend and a good cook too.

Take a look at our totally crafty and smile-inducing shoot, and then visit Rosa at her online shop... though I will say, mind your wallets, because I left the shoot with an order of my favorite pieces of art. On second thought, don't worry about having to save up for the perfect pieces, you can score your own, and at a great price too!

ROC Blog post1
ROC Blog post2

To get the full tutorial for the card shown above, visit Martha Stewart's The Crafts Dept. blog.

Other Vendor Credits:
Featured Artist:: ROC Paper Scissors
Photography:: Relish Studios
Jewelry:: Heidi Daus Designs
Hair:: La Posh Salon

It's all so real...with just a few little steps

Tabitha & I in Atlanta

This month has been filled with lots of little steps for our business. Tabitha and I met with a CPA and started discussing the steps we need to take if we want Relish Studios to be legit. She advised us to get our EIN, to register our Fictitious Name and to write up our Partnership Agreement. I have to say, all of these steps worked my nerves into a tornado. I left her office feeling a little overwhelmed.

I don't naturally have a brain for the business side of things, so anything in that realm tends to make me sweat and feel a little bit nauseous. That being said, I really want to make our business work and I know it is going to take a lot of effort from both of us to make that happen. So I decided I needed to step it up and start taking on some of the things that scare me. So I got our EIN and I registered our name...I also mocked up a Partnership Agreement that we will go over together and modify once Tabitha gets home. It felt good just taking these small steps. At first it felt like I had weights around my ankles, the steps were so far out of my comfort zone it took a lot for me to really get the ummph to take them, but I know they were moves in the right direction so I am excited about the progress.

We have a lot more to do...the next big thing is Insurance. To all my photography friends out there, if you have any suggestions as to where we should look please share. I've already looked up a couple Insurance Agents in our area and I am planning on scheduling a meeting for when Tabitha returns. I've also looked into the PPA and think they could be a great option as well.

But since that has to wait until next week, my big job tomorrow is to take on the redesign of our logo. We are rebranding and we've got a lot to do in that department. I have to say, that side of things gets me a little more excited because I get to be creative. It is still a lot of work though. We are two personalities and our brand has to represent both of us. Recently we took a branding quiz to see how compatible our tastes are and I am happy to say that while we are different in many ways, we are also very similar and the best thing is that our differences don't work against each other but rather they balance each other out. So now it is just a matter of taking the pieces I've got laid out in front of me and seeing where they all fit together best. After I get the logo done we'll be able to get all of our new promotional materials printed; our business cards, session guides, etc.

I recently participated in the Sue Bryce Workshop on CreativeLive and she really motivated/inspired me to get the ball rolling. I've been talking a lot these last few months about our business and it's success but in retrospect I have taken very little action and that has left me feeling unsatisfied with the state of where our business stands. Obviously the only way for me to battle that dissatisfaction is to start making changes working towards the reality that I want. So this is me working towards that reality.

I am still feeling a little nauseous and a bit like my shirt collar is too tight and is trying to choke me, but I've got my Pepto Bismol and Scissors to help ward those feelings off. Here's to taking some more little the right direction.

Relish Studios: Valentine's Day Shoot

Valentine's Day is a day that is meant to be full of all things sweet and lovely. With that in mind, Tabitha and I knew we had the perfect excuse to collaborate with some amazing vendors and create something full of all the things we just can't get enough of.
When you combine yummy scrumptious cupcakes + handmade knits + adorable prints + precious littles, you get hearts filled with love. We had such a fun time with this shoot. From the beginning stages of conceptualizing to the final stages of styling and taking the photos, this shoot was a blast.

Valentine's Shoot 2012


Knit Hats and Headband: Knot Moxie

Paper Printables: Luvalexa

Be Mine Wall Art: Amanda Catherine Designs

Robot, I Love You Wall Art: Maria Palito

Photography & Styling: Relish Studios

Radomski Family Shoot: Sibling Love

We recently had the opportunity to spend the afternoon shooting these two littles and their Great Grandparents. We fell in love with his stylish look (mom has a good eye) and her adorable dress, which was made by Great Grandma. We spent the two hours of our shoot finding fun locations in Frankenmuth and laughing through the heat. Not only were these two littles absolutely gorgeous, I mean look at those eyes and his curly hair, but they were so much fun and we had a blast shooting them. Their Great Grandparents were so sweet and definitely brought some smiles to our faces as well. Their love for each other and for their grandchildren was a beautiful thing to see. Thank you Nicole for letting us be a part of capturing your families memories and for spending the day with us!

Preston and Jayden
(My view - the above was one of my favorite shots of the day.)
Preston and Jayden
(Tab's View - I love this angle as well.)
Preston and Jayden
Preston and Jayden
Preston and Jayden
Preston and Jayden
(The kiddos and their Great Grandparents)

Engaged: Micah & Emily

A few weeks ago we had the awesome privilege of spending time with this adorable couple. Emily and Micah are our friends from church and we were so honored to be given the opportunity to capture their love story.
One of our favorite things to do with our couples in love is to personalize their sessions, so knowing Emily and Micah met at Culinary School definitely inspired the location and styling of the first half of this shoot. We asked Emily to bring all the fixings for a cupcake party and styled their old classroom to highlight their love for each other and their love for creating great food. After our time in the kitchen, we headed out doors to get a little more playful. Who doesn't love a good frolic in a field, right?
Micah and Emily we are so happy for the two of you and can't wait to see what amazing things God has in store for you. While parts of your future are a mystery there are a few things we know; your journey together is going to be filled with deep love, belly laughs and lots of cupcakes.

Micah & Emily
Micah & Emily
Micah & Emily
Micah & Emily
Micah & Emily
Micah & Emily
Micah & Emily
Micah & Emily
Micah & Emily
Micah & Emily
Micah & Emily
Micah & Emily

A Downtown Engagement: Britney & Tim

There is something so beautiful about two people really in love. You know what I'm talking about...the sweet glances, the soft touches and the knowing smiles. All those simple things that make you feel like your on top of the world. It is one of my favorite things to witness because it is so precious and rare.

This past weekend we had the pleasure of spending time with Britney & Tim. They have been apart for three you can imagine how special this session was. It wasn't hard to come upon all of those sweet little moments. We had such a blast and we can't wait to shoot their wedding in just a few short weeks!


To see more from this fun session visit here.

Sneak Peek: Polaroids from Erica + David's Wedding

We had such an amazing time at Erica and David's wedding. It felt as if we were old friends from the get-go. The day was full of smiles, love and lots of laughs. Not only are they a gorgeous couple but from the little time we got to spend with them I was able to see that they are two pretty incredible people as well. Throughout the day I took a few snapshots with my instant camera and thought it'd be fun to share.

Hoak Wedding Polaroids

I will be posting more photos from this beautiful day soon, to hold you over until then you should check out Tabitha's blog.

Sneak Peek: Evan's Senior Portraits

Evan Haller
I had a quick mini shoot with Kendall, my brother's girl friend, little bro Evan this past week. These are a few of my faves. Congrats on graduating Evan!

Mini Shoot with Baby Raelyn


My beautiful little niece Raleyn turned ONE in December. (yes, I am that late.) Her mommy and I wanted to have a fun shoot with a tutu (that we made- we are crafty like that) and so this is what I came up with. I labeled this a mini shoot because it lasted all of 10min. Those 10min were filled with giggles and flying balloons but it all came to a crushing halt when the first balloon popped. Lucky for me she is a perfect little doll and every picture I snapped was a gem.

On a side note, it is amazing how fast a year goes by when you have a little one in your life. I am not a parent yet myself but I have a few littles in my life and time seriously flies by and they change so much every day. It is incredible and scary all at the same time. Hahah

Love Birds: Danielle & Jason

Danielle & Jason Engagement
Danielle & Jason Engagement
Danielle & Jason Engagement
Danielle & Jason Engagement
So I took a bit of a blogging break. Life got a bit busy and something had to give. I can't say that I am back posting every day like I was, I'd like to be but free time is still a bit sparse. Either way I wanted to catch up a little....I've had these photos done and ready to post for what feels like forever and I couldn't not share them any longer. Haha Tab and I were blessed with the opportunity to spend the day with this gorgeous couple and we had such a blast. Check out Tab's blog post from like a year ago (ok, so I exaggerated a little) to see more of this shoot and to hear about their beautiful love story.

Sneak Peek: The Swartz Family - Family Session Portraits

We had a fantastic shoot this past Saturday with the gorgeous Swartz Family. I had been working on building the set of this shoot for a week and I was so excited to see it all come together in our studio. On top of that I couldn't wait to take pictures of Derek and his adorable little red head. He was a pro in front of the camera, all eyes were on him and he knew just what to do. The shoot was filled with lots of toothy grins and sweet little laughs; we loved every minute. Erika, Kurt and Derek we had an absolute blast spending the morning with you!

Swartz Sneak Peek

To see a few more fun pics of this session check out Tabitha's blog.

Fall Family Mini Shoots: The Pettits

There is something so beautiful and special about a mother's connection with her little boy, these two knew just how to encourage each other. They knew how to make each other laugh, smile and really shine. They brought out the best in each other and it made our job not only easy but really fun. Karen and Drew, we seriously had such an amazing time with you, it was everything we love about our family portrait sessions.
Petit Sneek Peak
See more of this fun shoot here!

Fall Family Mini Shoots: The Trieloffs

This gorgeous family was all laughs and smiles for their mini-session, they were an absolute blast to shoot. You guys, we seriously had such a blast and it was everything we love about our family portrait sessions.

Trieloff web20
Trieloff web23
Trieloff web05
Trieloff web17
Trieloff web19
Trieloff web01
Trieloff web21