Happy Mother's Day!!

What can I say about my momma... She is a constant source of love and encouragement in my life. She can make me laugh so hard I can't breathe just by driving in the car with me, she is an incredibly funny/fearless dancer, she is always willing to give more, do more, love more. She has played the role of my comforter, friend and sounding board. She is irreplaceable!


Love you Mom!

It's good to be back!

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you will know that I've been without my computer for almost a week. Last week I came home to find my lovely Macbook stuck on the wretched grey start up screen. I took it to my local PeachMac and had to ship it out to be fixed.

I've had this happen before when I was in college so it wasn't as traumatic this time. I obviously was not a happy camper but I knew there wasn't anything to do but get it fixed.

The positive side of this was that it forced me to embrace some much needed unplugged time. Because one of my jobs is dependent upon being online I wasn't 100% disconnected, I did use my friends computers and my old Powerbook G4 but just purely for my classes; not for Blogging, Photo Editing, Facebooking, Youtubing, Pinning, etc. The first few days were hard because I had lists of things that I needed to work on, but once that uneasiness passed I embraced the unplanned freedom and spent my time doing other fun and lovely things.

All that said, if I'm being honest I was literally clapping and bouncing up and down when I received the call that it was fixed and ready to be picked up.

A little side story: Last night I went to PeachMac and picked up my computer. I got all the way home, plugged it in and discovered that it wasn't my computer at all. There had been a mix-up from the care center and the computer was mislabeled. I called PeachMac right away, went back to the store, a little sad because I thought I was going to have to wait another week for my computer to be sent to the right place. But luck would have it that after some searching they were able to find my computer. I was sure to have them turn it on, in the store to make sure. Lesson learned. To be honest I was a little worried at one point but the employees at PeachMac handled the situation wonderfully and I left with my computer in hand which receives two big thumbs up from me.

Lots of changes are coming at the end of this month and I have some fun blog posts in the works, make sure you bookmark the blog or follow me on bloglovin or blogher to get email updates.

Beauty // At Home Scalp Treatment


I have a lot of coarse, thick, curly hair, and my scalp tends to run on the dry side. This has always been my nemesis, it's a horribly frustrating thing to have to deal with but it is a reality. I've found a few products that work really well for me but I recently ran out of them and I was in desperate need of a solution. This led me to google and there I found a few tips on at home scalp treatments. I didn't have ingredients that matched perfectly so I modified to suit my needs. I have to say I was very impressed with the result. After leaving it on for 30min and then washing it out of my hair, I could instantly see and feel a difference.


This treatment is incredibly easy. It has a limited number of ingredients and it truly has given me such great results.

Step One - Mix Ingredients
4 tablespoons softened coconut oil, 3 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon sugar

Step Two - Brush Your Scalp
Most sites suggested a scalp treatment bristle brush, in nylon or natural either will work. As you can see from the above pic, I didn't have the right tools, so I had a make it work moment and used my tangle teaser. The point of brushing your scalp is to stimulate blood circulation and loosen any dry skin.

Step Three - Paint on the Treatment Mixture
I separated my hair into sections, starting at the top and moving my way down my head and around the back. I didn't have a snazzy color applicator tool, so I used an actual paint brush. I felt it did a decent job and it required no spending. Which is a check in the pro column, in my book.

Step Four - Massage & Let it Set
Once you've painted on the treatment, rub it in with your fingertips in a circular motion all over your scalp. If you have a spouse or significant other, or just a friend that is willing... this portion can be really luxurious if someone else does the massage. Let it set for 20-40min.

Step Five - Rinse, Wash & Style
You are ready to go.


I'd love to hear if any of you try this at home, or if you have some great at home remedy's you think I should try. Let me know in the comment section!