Sunday Citar: B-day Dinner Goodness

27 bday

"Friends are the cherry on top of the ice cream of life."

To start I'd like to say thank you to my awesome family and my amazing friends, I had a fantastic birthday. I was so blessed by all of you, I am so thankful to have you in my life. While there were sooo many great things about this day, I have to say the highlight, well at least the part of this (27th) b-day that I will remember forever was given to me by my dear dear friends Crystal & Jeremy.

I have to preface this lil story with a question: how many of you love to go out for your birthday but hate going to the restaurants that subject you to public humiliation? Do you choose to avoid them at all costs or is there one that you just can't resist?

Yeh, I am one of you. I avoid them usually, but I do have one weakness. I love love love me a good Japanese Steak House. You know the kind where they sit you at a table filled with strangers, singe your eyebrows with their flame tricks and throw food at you until you (finally) catch it in your mouth.

So anyway, I had the brilliant idea of inviting a handful of my friends and of course my family to my fave Japanese hot spot, expecting the infamous food throwing was going to be the most trying part of the evening. Oh but I was wrong. Crystal & Jeremy decided to surprise me with the Birthday Package. The Birthday Package at this particular restaurant starts off with a large portion of the staff surrounding you with a number of drums and demanding that you dance for every person in the room. If you are my friend and have had the pleasure of being at a Wedding or Gala or School Dance with me, you've been subject to my old school moves at some point or another (it is a sorry sight.) I couldn't think of one move that I could rock out at that moment. I just stood there and at one point slowly spinned in a circle, hahah, who knows why. But that isn't the part that I will remember forever, no, not me being pulled out of my chair and freezing in front of an entire restaurant, that will stick with me but what I will forever remember is what happened next. The staff member closest to me told me to sit down, they started playing the drums again and started chanting our chef's name. This led to me getting a (G-rated) lap dance from our hilarious chef. I will never forget this, not in a million years. It ended and they sang happy birthday, the chef came over and took a picture with me, I blew out the candle on my fried banana dessert, I threatened Crystal & Jeremy with revenge and all in all had an absolute blast. It was a great day.


Fresh Mommy said...

OMG, totally awesome!!! LOVE it all. :)

Crystal Rae said...

THat was definitely an enjoyable night. Thanks for inviting us out to celebrate your 27th with you. We had fun!
I'm glad you enjoyed your lap dance, although, we didn't tell him to do that. LOL.
I'm just extremely bummed I missed getting that on video lol.

BeckeyZ said...

Looks like you had an awesome birthday! Good friends are indeed a treasure, appears that you are rich in that area!

Grace said...

What a wonderful birthday. We have a great Japanese Steak house here close to me. I'm so there with you on that would be a great place to celebrate. Happy Birthday!

Veronica Lee said...

How fun! Love the pics.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Muthering Heights said...

That sounds like such fun!

Huong said...

hahahah too funny! It sounds like you were a great sport about it though :) I get so incredibly embarrassed just when people start singing happy birthday to me let alone make me dance in the middle of a restaurant. Glad you had a good one though :) The picture of you and the chef is priceless!

Gerri said...

Looks like so much fun. ;) I can't wait to taste their yummy food. ;)