hello monday


hello yummy homemade breakfast, the Smalley house always does it right.

hello japanese steakhouse, you know the way to my heart.

hello drive-in movie... you take me back to being a kid.

hello wedding photos, I'm excited to pick my favorites and get my edit on.

hello family time, I've got to get my fill to last me until December.

hello photo shoots, every time I get one of you I get excited butterflies.

hello carl, you are my favorite cat-dog. let's snuggle.

hello saturday drive back to TN, can't wait to see Court's face.

hello Leedy clan and Dollywood... it's time to celebrate Courtney getting older :)

hello monday, thanks for starting off a great week of vacation.

1 comment:

Gerri said...

As always, I'm glad you were here...