Let it Be

This song is beautiful, it always gives me goose-bumps and brings tears to my eyes. I love this movie: Across the Universe. The imagery is vivid and beautiful, the songs are Beatles classics with a twist, the actors were unknowns and not only excelled in acting but carried each song with power and skill. My favorite part about this movie is watching the Making Of...hearing the passion and heart of the director, Julie Taymor and of each person who poured their time and talents into it. Some of those talents being the brilliant costume designs of Albert Wolsky, the superb Art Direction and Production design of Mark Friedberg and Peter Rogness, the amazing cinematography of Bruno Delbonnel and the period/current choreography of Daniel Ezralow. The passion of each of these individuals and their love not only for their art but for the vision of this film it just makes it all the more beautiful and enjoyable to watch.

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Tabitha Blue said...

I've never seen this movie... now I need to :)

I so want to see your new lens filter and can't wait to see how your photos turn out with it. Fun! I'm with ya, there are too many things I'd like to get for my camera... even a new camera. Have you seen the brand new Cannon? Crazy cool. See ya tonight