Washington: Night One

lincoln monument

After getting settled and unpacked from my 10hr drive, Amanda and I ventured out to dinner at Art and Soul and then walked our way from the Jefferson Monument to the Lincoln....it was a great first night.

Now that I have a little more time because Amanda is working, I thought I'd share a bit more detail about yesterdays adventures. The drive to DC wasn't bad, the weather was gorgeous and the traffic was decent, that is until I got to DC and then traffic was absurd but we'll touch on that later. I had a good road trip music mix of Jesus Culture, Jonsi, John Mayer, Ingrid Michealson and Taylor Swift. I absolutely love her new Cd, Speak Now, I was singing it out at the top of my lungs. I am a major road trip junkie, I love being on the road. Each time I cross a new state line I get a jolt of excitement. My favorite part about driving East is that first view of the Mountains. They always leave me breathless. One funny thing that happened when I was going through the Toll's in PA, the toll booth operator asked me how many people I had to flash to get the beads that were hanging on my rear view. I was so caught off guard that all I could do was laugh which then led to him doing a creepy eyebrow lift. Haha It was absolutely ridiculous, but it definitely spiced up the 2nd half of my drive. As a said above the traffic in DC was absurd, I sat in stand still for about an hour and a half. I started entertaining myself by taking pictures of the people in the cars next to me. It was fun, some of them actually got really into it.
Once I got settled in at the hotel Amanda and I met her co-worker Rich for dinner at Art and Soul. They both were raving about the Macaroni and Cheese there, so I had to check it out myself. It was pretty good. After dinner Amanda and I set out to see the Jefferson Memorial, well actually Amanda said the Jefferson Memorial but what she meant was the Lincoln. So once we got out of the cab we admired the Jefferson Memorial from the road and then started the trek over the river and to the Washington Monument and the Reflection Pool and then to the Lincoln. The city lights were mesmerizing, along with the gorgeous architecture. DC is a definite stand-out when it comes to big cities. More to come...

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Gerri said...

Toll guy weird but very funny...
Looking forward to more on DC, I love going there. ;)