Sunday Citar: Friends

The Lord has blessed me with so many amazing friends. I heard somewhere that most people are lucky to find 5 true friends in their lifetime, well I am 28 and I've already been blessed with more than that. I just want to send out a big I LOVE YOU and I am SO THANKFUL for YOU to some of my dearest friends; Jessica Haist, Courtney Leedy, Tabitha Blue, Gerri Smalley, Rachel Pastukhov, Ashley Crump, Erin McDonald, Amanda Kramer, Ashlee Fay, Joanne Garcia and Monica Aguilar. You are all insanely amazing, beautiful, strong, driven, creative, inspiring, faithful, honest and priceless and I just want you to know that each one of you has made my life better. No matter where life takes us in the next 70yrs I hope you know that you've got a friend in me for life.


Adrienne said...

Really like this quote ~ does a great job of expressing all that friendship means in our lives. It's soooo positive! With my daughter's wedding just around the corner, it's a gift to know we'll be surrounded by dear, life friends...people who've known her since she was born ~ and some who've known us since long before that! Counting blessings today!

Gerri said...

Oh Hon!! I love you. Sisters forever and make my heart twinkle, you really do. ;) xoxo

Ashlee said...

I am so happy to have found a friend in you! You are truly a blessing :)
I love this quote, and I love you!

joannegarcia said...

i am honored to be your friend!