the miraculous

" It's not about leaving a mark,
or making a discovery,
it's not about proving your worth...
breathing is all it takes to be a miracle."
-The Garden State

Sometimes our blinders keep us from truly seeing our desires come into focus, on seeing them come into existence. They steal the passion away from the things that are already there. Things that when truly looked at, can change the expectations of anyones world. I fear that I will never see these things, never truly understand what it is about, never really live. The fear paralyzes me, and I won't allow myself to trust...not anyone, not me. But I recognize that fear and I know the power I have to overcome it, and I will.

The above quote is beautiful...
we are all a miracle, all something that HE adores.
no matter what we do, how much we make,
where we live...
'breathing is all it takes to be a miracle'

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Anonymous said...

That statement is awesome. We are a miracle and its important not to forget it. No mistakes caused our existence.