Daily Jam Session

Hey Hey Hey it's Friday! At the moment I am chillin-like-a-villain and my music is set to match my mood. Whether it be tunes that are full of sweet harmonies or beautiful instruments, today, I am groovin to some awesome tunes.

A Fine Frenzy: Ashes and Wine
Damien Rice: Volcano
Emerson Hart: If You're Gonna Leave
Tristan Prettyman: Love Love Love
James Morrison: You Give Me Something


Tabitha Blue said...

Ok, ok, I'm seriously sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for your mix tape talents to some over tonight and set my itunes straight! Can you bring your tunes too?

And, I've never seen that movie and want to not... not for the nakedness, but I want to see that shot, sounds pretty LOL I'd love to help recreate it, again, minus the nakedness.

Do you have the movie? Can you bring it tonight? Are you bringing the other one too?

Tabitha Blue said...

LOL, Ok I'l look too...

Ummm, see you around 7/7:30!

Morgan Roof said...

Ooh, love the music and can't wait to listen on the iTunes! Thanks so much for the Capture award! You made my whole week! :) I nominated you back cuz you deserve it! Wish you, Tabitha Blue and I could all get together for a glass of wine this weekend! ;)