Daily Jam Session

It's a Tuesday that feels like a Monday, anyone know what I mean? Haha, anyways today I am not sure what my music is...it's what is making me smile at the moment. I hope you check out all these artists, they are great!

Brian McFadden: Like Only a Woman Can
Delta Goodrem: In This Life
Marie Digby: Stupid for You
John McGlaughlin: Human
Sara Bareilles: City


Tabitha Blue said...

Yep, now I want THOSE songs, LOL. Thanks :)

I so know what you mean about it feeling like a Monday!! I'm right there with ya, and yesterday so did not feel like Monday either!!!


Tabitha Blue said...

Yeah, I really need to find that 'action' again for photoshop... it's so cute!! Hope you're having a good night!! How was homegroup last night??

Mc Allen said...

I want them tooo!!!.... I just lovew to share music and have someone love a song that I like, and even better is when I find one that someone else found!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Leah 5girls1boy.blogspot.com