Falling for Fall: Day 25

I love spotting little secret doors, my imagination goes back to being a kid and wondering all the places it could lead. I think I am going to start a new project at the end of this fall one...something having to do with doorways (hmmmm)
We have these beautiful berries lining our walk into work and every day I think I should take a picture...so today I did. I can't wait until it snows and I can get their vibrant redness surrounded by white.


Crystal said...

great pictures bri... I love the door one. And seeing the red surrounded by white will be pretty I can't wait to see those.

Tabitha Blue said...

Yeah the berries are pretty and with the snow, it would make an incredible picture!!

I love the doorway!! Where did you find it?? It makes my imagination go crazy... a doorway series would be fun!!