Ten Things that I'm Loving @ the Moment

1. Dreaming of cool Ideas for my pumpkin (My friends and I are going to carve em' together and then bake the seeds...Yum)

2. Bike rides down back roads
3. Thinking of new ways to express myself (painting, guitar, drawing)
4. My adorable puppy. She may be 14yrs old but she's still my baby.

5. My iPod, I can't go a day without my tunes. Currently listening to: the Across the Universe Soundtrack

6. Coming up with Creative Concepts for friends or clients.

7. Fall. Everything about this season makes me smile.

8. Sleeping in (I do it way more than I should, waking up without an alarm clock is the best feeling ever)
9. Carl the coolest cat, he is a trouble maker but you can't help but love him.

10. Pictures of all shapes and sizes, colors and subjects. I love taking them and looking at them.

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