another time another place


Have you ever looked at a farm and thought about what it would be like to live that life? Every time I pass one, all the unspoken wonder peeks it's curious head and I sit and let my mind drift to another time another place where that would be the life I wanted.
I've always been surrounded by farms growing up, I am sure that is why I am very much fascinated by them. It's hard for me to explain but it is almost like living back in the day where you worked with your hands and you grew your food. A hard days work consisted of waking up before the sun and having sweat pour from all your pores. Where at the end of the day you didn't want to go do do do, you just wanted to rest and be. There are moments where the idea of that kind of life still sounds appealing to me. Not an easy life by any means, but one that builds character through a daily pouring out of yourself. I think there is so much beauty that is lost by the busyness that our lives are often clouded by. We often overlook the majesty that surrounds us.


mommaof4wife2r said...

i do that a lot...the family farm in MO is amazing and quiet and so peaceful. i just love it...and me and hubs secretly wanna be farmers when we get older. weird, huh?

Tabitha Blue said...

So well said. I think we can take for granted the beautiful earth that's around us. I love what you've captured here!!


jenberry said...

your writing is poignant and beautiful, triggering thoughts that are deep rooted and may have otherwise remained lost.

the focus in the photo resembles the words with the barn a distant inkling of a thought out of focus, but there.

love it!!!!