into the blue

It's amazing how a sunset can turn the plainest of landscapes into something breathtakingly beautiful. It's as if the colors in the sky amplify the hidden radiance of the ground below. I love being able to look out into an open field and just get enveloped by the thought of all the sunsets that set on this very place before I could take them in. No sunset should go unnoticed or sunrise for that matter, but I am not a morning person so it's pretty special when I get to take in a full sunrise.
Tonight take some time around 6 or so to just take in the beauty of the turning of another day, your time will not be wasted.


Tabitha Blue said...

So pretty!!! I love the blue!


antoinette marie said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! good work missy! blessings...

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

Wow - that's beautiful!!