just around the corner

are they waiting there...just around the corner
i can hear the footsteps they're coming closer
my pulse beats in my veins
my breaths get shorter
is this how it's gonna happen
my life can't be over
i'm frozen still in the place that i stand
all defenses have fallen; i should have ran
as i wait for the fear to boil over
the shadows grow larger as the terror gets closer
5 seconds pass and all goes quiet
i shake my head at last and choose to fight it
they won't take me today, i'm not ready to go
my life has just started, i scream.....
when i open my eyes, i'm standing alone
the shadows are gone and the beating has slowed


antoinette marie said...

intense story dude.....love the pic, it reminds me of when i lived in downtown denver and we'd drive behind the buildings all the time through the alleyways....looks just like one of those....did you take the pic?

Tabitha Blue said...

Great pic and amazing illustration of it!! Love how the story takes you right there!!



CrYsTAL said...

Great shot... you are a great writer I can't wait to buy your book, LOL.