walking the line

I have been playing with the idea of putting together a book of my poetry and illustrating it...here is one of the pages I came up with. I really like how it came out, thought I would share. Below is the actual poem.

:::walking the line:::
there's a haze that fills my eyes
a darkness I can't hide
each moment that you're away
i'm one breath closer
to my break
     is that what you're aiming for
     each time you walk through my door
     can you see the power that your presence holds
     how the look in your eyes torments my soul
i scream for you to go away
but inside i pray for you to stay
how can pain be so appealing to me
when my mind is begging to be free
     i can't fall for you again


CrYsTAL said...

Wow... Briony... that is a great poem.. I can't wait to read more of your stuff.. i didn't even know you did that.

Tabitha Blue said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Go for it babe. Great poem and great illustration!



mommaof4wife2r said...

u r so talented! and i love the illustration with it so much. great job! u should soooo do the book.

hi malinda said...

wow i seriously can begin to tell you how much im in love with this. background and all. dang